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Directory sites are a type of website that lists websites in various categories. The most well-known worldwide is the DMOZ site. Directories usually contain the name of the sites, a short description and a link. Some of the sites may also include additional information such as screenshots and/or pagerank value, Alexa rank.

Is it useful to register on directory to sites?

Directories are generally used to provide backlinks to sites. Although the links from such sites were considered useful/effective in the past, they have largely lost their effectiveness and importance today. It will be enough to get links from very few and high quality directory sites.

Subject : How will we evaluate, what will we pay attention to For This?

It would be beneficial not to make even this small number of directory records in one day, but to spread them over time. A separate explanation text should be prepared and used for each directory site to be registered.

What is a Directory?

A directory is a website that presents websites sorted by topic and category to users within a single site. Although directories have some of the same features as search engines, directories are definitely not search engines. Users do not perform keyword or phrase based searches in directories. They explore different websites by simply logging into the categories they want.

Why is SEO and Local Directory Important for Sites?

We live in almost six eras in digital marketing. Users first search in search engines for an information they are curious about or the product they want to buy. We supply the water we drink, even the clothes we will wear the next day, through internet sites. This creates a great competitive environment among e-commerce sites. The probability of choosing sites that provide quality internet service increases or decreases in direct proportion to the quality of this service. However, the work does not end there.

How to Add Company Web Sites to Directories?

One of the first studies for companies' Web sites is SEO studies. Secondly, one of the works that needs to be done is to register the Web site in directories. Site directories, which have an important place in the internet world, are a kind of Web catalogs. In addition to the site directories divided into general categories, there are also site directories focused on a specific topic. Site directories with specific topics only have specific topics. In a sense, directories lighten the load of search engines and prevent chaos in the internet world.

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